Our History


It all started when…

In 1943, Scientists began to arrive in Los Alamos which was selected to be Site Y for the Manhattan Project. This effort brought scientists, engineers, and laborers from around the nation. Naturally, with such a diverse workforce, churches had to be established to meet the spiritual needs of the people. On May 9th, 1946, a Thursday night, nineteen people gathered in the Library of the of the then High School to mark the first Baptist Worship Service in Los Alamos. By June 10, 1947, FBC-LA began as a church plant through a mission of First Baptist Church of Espanola. On August 14, 1947 FBCLA was formally organized with 49 charter members.

At that time, the Zia Company was in charge of allocating land to families moving to the area. The head of the Zia Company at the time, a Baptist, had tired on multiple occasions to petition the Atomic Energy Commission for land to build a new church in Los Alamos, but was met with no response. After months and months of trying, he reached out to his old pastor in Washington D.C. to see if he could help in any way. It just happened that this pastor was also the pastor of the President of the United States, Harry S. Truman. Only 2 weeks later, a beautiful plot of land was generously granted to First Baptist Church by the Atomic Energy Commission.


Over the decades, First Baptist Church has been a light to the community of Los Alamos.